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Year 4

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Good morning/afternoon year 4!


We hope you had a great day yesterday and didn't pull too many pranks! 


Get your brains ready for some learning by doing some exercise

9am Jo Wicks ( Live workout) ( Just dance workout)


At 11am, David Williams is reading one of his short stories ( Carol Vorderman)


Remember to keep logging into Reading Plus, TT Rockstars and Spelling shed. Your teachers are checking daily who is and is not logging on to these! 


Have a great day everyone!!


Mrs Willshire, Mr Paton and  Miss Adams


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April Fools day!


What is April fools day?


April fools day is celebrated on 1st April.

•It should be light-hearted and funny to all involved, including  the victim.

•The pranks should not hurt anyone, cause harm or be illegal.


In England and some other English speaking countries, people follow the custom that pranks can only happen before 12 o’clock (noon). After then, anyone who tries to play a prank actually turns out to be the ‘April fool’!


Printed media and tabloids, including some newspapers and websites, report fake stories. 


 In 1957, to celebrate April Fools’ Day, the   

 BBC showed a film about the spaghetti 

 harvest in Switzerland. This managed to 

 fool a lot of viewers into thinking that  

 spaghetti grew on trees!


In 2015, a well-known supermarket said they were going to introduce trampolines in the aisles so that shoppers could reach the high shelves!! 


Last year Mrs Willshire was tricked by another teacher in Kensington Primary! She was told that Primark would open on 31st April and everything would be 50p!!!  surprise


Make sure that you are keeping up with your daily exercises! Your class teachers are! 


Can we remind you to log into TT rockstars and Reading plus regularly, we can see who has and has not completed their tasks!


Have a fantastic day everyone!


We are missing teaching you!

Mrs Willshire, Mr Paton and Miss Adams 

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Good morning year 4!


We hope you are all keeping safe and staying indoors! 


Remember to log into TT rockstars and Reading plus everyday, your teachers are checking!


Also, if anyone has not collected their home learning packs from school you can still do this.


Today's riddle....


What is bright orange with a green top and rhymes with a parrot?


Keep smiling! 

Mrs Willshire, Mr Paton and Miss Adams. 


Hi year 4! It's Monday 30th March. We hope you've woken up refreshed and ready for the day.


Remember to check your folder for today's work.


Here's a riddle for you...What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

Hello Year 4!  Friday 27th March 2020


We hope that you enjoyed the tasks set for yesterday, don't worry if you didn't complete them all.


Here is a little riddle for you...


What is full of holes but can still hold water?


Answer will be posted on Monday!!!


Why not start this morning by waking up with a spot of exercise, you can use the links posted below.

CosmicKidsYoga ( Mr Harris, used to be your PE teacher)


At 11am David Williams is reading another story book.


Remember to complete reading plus, TT rockstars and spelling shed!


Well done to those who are completing these! On the leaderboard in spelling shed,  a member of 4W is 4th!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!


Missing you all and hope that you are keeping yourselves safe!


Keep positive and keep smiling!!!

Mrs Wilshire, Mr Paton, Miss Adams 




Hello to you all! What a beautiful Thursday!


So pleased you have logged into our year page to find your work!


It is a beautiful day, why not take advantage of this sunshine and go for a walk... safely! Remember social distancing! 


If anyone in year 4 has not received their home learning packs you can collect these at school. Mrs Davies will bring them to the gate for you!


Mrs Willshire, Mr Paton and Miss Adams 



Happy Wednesday! 


As we usually have PE on Wednesday afternoon, why not do some exercise this afternoon! 


Try out some of these links! 


Mr Harris Live Children's Workout Every Monday and Wednesday at 10am, Mr Harris  is doing live workouts for kids! Enjoy!


Also check out Jo Wick 9am ( youtube) (Yoga for kids) ( Yoga ) (Just dance) ( Work out videos) ( Start the video around 1 minute 20 seconds)




To Year 4


Hi everyone, we know that this is a difficult time for all of you, we want to encourage you to continue with your learning.


The year 4 teachers will be uploading your work daily. 


In your learning packs you have been given log in details for TT rockstars, IDL (not all children have this), spelling shed and reading plus. 


The links for these websites are posted below. 


Spelling Shed


Times Table Rockstars


Reading Plus:


SITE CODE: rpkensi1


We miss teaching each and everyone of you!

Keep Safe


Mrs Willshire, Mr Paton, Miss Adams 

Hello and welcome to Year 4!



Year 4 RE Wow Visit

Year 4 Library Visit

Year 4 Stay and Puzzle

The Iron Man



We have weekly Spanish lessons in key stage 2. We have been recently learning how to describe our appearance.



We have been learning about coding. We used sphero to move robots around the hall to make a snowflake on our iPads.


WOW Visitor 


As part of out imaginary worlds topic in English, we were visited by author
Cat Weatherill . We had an immersive experience in the immersion room where we used our imagination to transport ourselves to another world.

Colgate Challenge 


In science we have been learning about teeth.

Why do we need our teeth? What do they do?

Very importantly we have been learning how to care for our teeth. Year 4 have started the Colgate challenge.
The Colgate challenge is a 30 day challenge where the children have to brush their teeth twice a day and then record it on their Colgate chart!

#smilebrightlikeadiamond #healthyteethandgums

Some important information:

English and maths homework will be given out on a Wednesday and collected the following Wednesday.


Spellings will be given out on Thursdays for a test the following Thursday.


PE is on a Wednesday, please ensure you have a white t.shirt, black short and pumps.


Can we remind parents that football kits are not allowed for PE lessons.


Reading books will be changed regularly. Children will read on a regular basis with the teacher or learning support assistant on a 1:1 basis, please ensure your child’s book is in school every day.




We started year 4 using “Voices in the Park” by Anthony Browne. By using just the pictures of the text we have created exciting adjectives to describe what is happening in the pictures. Through the text we have used role play to create speech and develop a further understanding of the text. We wrote in 1st person from the viewpoint of one of the dogs to create a wow write.


Following on from “Voices in the Park”, we studied The Ghost thief. This was a spooky story that gave us lots of opportunities to develop our reading skills.


This week, we are developing the skills and vocabulary to write a setting description of an imaginary world.




We have started the year looking at counting in multiples and place value of 4 digit numbers.


The children have used a range of resources to help them to understand how to count in multiples securely.


Each child has log on details and a password for times tables rock stars. Please encourage your child to complete these as often as possible as times tables knowledge is incredibly important. Times tables rock stars is a free APP that can be downloaded unto any mobile device. Throughout the year competitions are held using times tables rock stars.




In history we have started to research The Anglo Saxons.



Our music for the Autumn term we will be working with Miss White to create a performance that you are all invited to in December. 



Science work has involved the classification of animals.

Do you know what a herbivore is? A carnivore?

We then moved onto looking at teeth and their functions. Can you name them all?


Websites to help: