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This is where you will find work for our science and foundation subjects. Please check this page as often as you check the English and maths folders.

Thursday 2nd April 2020





As you would usually have PE today. Complete one of Mr Harris PE lessons.


Follow the link below.




Hour of code – this site is great, it shows you different steps to create your own game. This week try make a flappy game. It will guide you through step by step.


Remember to tweet pictures of your games if you can. @kensingprimary #year3homelearning. 


Wednesday 1st April 2020




Today you will be looking at how rocks are used in and around your house (Remember to look through the window). Think carefully about what you already know about Rocks. 


Examples include-


Cement = In between the bricks, Pavements

Glass = Windows, doors, glasses

Porcelain = Bath tub, toilet, sink.

Other examples = Tiles, Bricks, Chimneys, Roof tiles.



- Read the information below. 

- Draw a picture of your house like the one below. 

- Then, using the information in the blue box, see if you can find the rocks in your house. 

- Whilst you are searching for them, label and draw a picture of the objects in your house. Remember to use the BLUE BOX. 


Picture 1

Competition: Why would it not be a good idea to build a house from porcelain - the rock that makes your toilet? (think about the strength of Rocks) tweet @kensingprimary #year3homelearning with your answers! 


Tip: use this video to help you. The video is at the bottom of the page!





Watch the video below and practice your Spanish colours. Remember, be careful with how you say each Spanish colour.


Tuesday 31st March 2020




Today you will be using what you know about different types of lines (hard, soft, jagged, smooth) to change the picture below.


    - On your piece of paper draw the 4 types of lines above and label them.

-Look at the picture, decide which types of lines your are going to use.
-Copy the picture using your chosen lines- remember to add detail.
-Does it look different to the original picture? Why? Why not?






Picture 1

Monday 30th March 2020




As you would usually be swimming this afternoon we would like you to take this opportunity to get active.


Click on the links below and complete the activities. Have fun!




Follow the link below. Here you will be able to go a virtual tour of Chester Zoo. Choose you favourite animal and learn some facts about it! You could write these down and share them when we get back to school. 


Chester Zoo Virtual Tour




Friday 27th March 2020


Geography – To design a campsite


Use the following websites to research campsites.


Consider what you would want on your campsite. What are the most important facilities a campsite needs? Eg. Toilets, showers, electricity points, a shop etc.


Where would you like your campsite to be? Consider the physical features of the surrounding area. Eg. Near a lake, on a cycle path, at the foot of hills, near a beach.


Choose one of the following activities to complete and bring it into school when we are back:


  • Draw a map of your campsite. Use the Ordanance Survey map symbols to label your map clearly. Make sure the human and physical features are clear on your map. Remember a map is drawn as if we are in the sky, looking down at the land.



  • Design a poster to advertise your campsite. The poster should include information about the facilities on your site and the nearby attractions. You should aim to persuade people to visit your site. Here is an example:



  • Create a TV or radio advert for your campsite. The advert should include information about the facilities on your site and the nearby attractions. You should aim to persuade people to visit your site. You could use the following planning grid to gather some ideas:



You can complete these tasks on paper or on a tablet or computer. Tag us on Twitter with your completed work @KensingPrimary .







Make sure you get active this afternoon! Mr Harris is putting up 2 kids workout videos a week on his YouTube channel. Try this one this afternoon:




Hour of Code – this site is great to guide you through using code to create your own games. This week try Minecraft Voyage Aquatic. It guides you through step by step. 


Remember to log in to your TTRockstars, Spelling Shed and Reading Plus accounts as well!



Wednesday 25th March 2020


Science - Rocks and fossils with Mary Anning


Watch the video all about Mary Anning and answer the following questions. You can write your answers down or tell them to someone in your house.


1. What is a palaeontologist?

2. What happened to Mary when she was a baby?

3. What is coprolite?

4.Why was Mary Anning so important to science?


Now use what you know, alongside a dictionary (online is fine), to come up with a definition for the following words:

a) fossil

b) excavating

c) observation


You could spend some time this week researching your favourite dinosaur. Present your information however you wish (poster, book, information sheet, video) and we can share them when we are back at school.


Spanish - Greetings



Now try saying the phrases. See if you can teach some of these phrases to somebody else in your house.


24.3.20 - Art


I have noticed as I have been walking my dog around the streets near my house that lots of people have been putting rainbows up in their windows. They are there to spread joy and happiness during these tough times. We thought it would be nice if you could also design some rainbows to put in your windows to brighten someone else's day.