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Week beginning 29.06.20

29.06.20 - Today, I would like you to look back at your chocolate maths mystery from Friday. Your teachers have informed me that those of you in school last week need to complete clues 4 and 5 so that you can reach your solution. If you were at home and didn't finish this work, you should also do this. For those of you who have finished, I am attaching an extra task for you below to consolidate the work you have been doing on coordinates. Remember that we read the horizontal coordinate first and then the vertical one (along the corridor and up the stairs in the first quadrant). Tomorrow, we will work on applying our knowledge of coordinates to reasoning and problem solving. Try your best!

30.06.20 - Today I would like you to work through the attached presentation on describing position. All the work you have done so far on coordinates should help you. You can record any working out and answers on paper. Draw the quadrants if necessary. After that, open and complete the worksheets. The first one is easier and the second one is more challenging. Choose the sheet you think best suits your understanding so far. I have included the answer sheet so that you can check your completed work is correct. Try your best!

01.07.20 - Today we are using our understanding of coordinates and direction to help us describe the movement of points in the first quadrant. You will see different symbols and be asked to explain how they move around the grids. Work through the presentation first. For tasks 3 and 4, you may need to draw yourself the quadrants on paper to help you with your working out. After that, complete the worksheets. I have included the answers so that you can check your understanding once you have finished. Try your best!

02.07.20 - You have now learned to describe the movement of points and shapes in the first quadrant. Today I would like you to apply your understanding to some reasoning and problem solving tasks. First, work through the presentation slides to help you find out what to do and after that, complete the worksheets. The answers have been provided for you to check your completed work. You can draw the quadrants on paper. Good luck!

03.07.20 - Welcome back to maths mystery Friday! Please get your maths skills and powers of reasoning at the ready! Today, you will be using your understanding of different areas of maths we have worked on over the past few weeks. Try your best to solve the clues and catch the culprit. Handy hints: obtuse angles are larger than a right angle and acute angles are smaller than a right angle (a cute little angle remember). The answers are provided for you to check your work and final solution. Good luck!