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Week beginning 29.06.20

29.06.20 - This week, we are going to be continuing with our work on position and direction and we will begin by recapping what we have learned about translations. However, I know that on Friday, those of you in school did not manage to complete the Friday maths mystery I set and your teachers have informed me that you need to complete clues 4 and 5 in order to reach your solution. Therefore, in today's lesson I would like you to complete this work and we will move on to reasoning and problem solving linked to translation tomorrow.

     In the meantime, if you complete your maths mystery, you can look back at the fluency work you did on translation last week and have another go at translating shapes in all four quadrants. To get started, draw yourself four quadrants on paper. Next, draw an interesting shape, such as an irregular quadrilateral, in the first quadrant. Write the coordinates for the shape and then translate it into one of the other quadrants. Write instructions for your translation and the new coordinates. Can you translate it into a different quadrant and repeat this process? Try this with other polygons and also record the properties of the shapes you translate. This should keep you busy and refresh your memory ready for tomorrow. Good luck and try your best!

     I am attaching the maths mystery again below to make it easier for you to access and also our original presentation on translations (have another look at the introduction and fluency slides; we will work through the reasoning and problem solving ones tomorrow).

30.06.20 - Today we are going to be applying our understanding of translation to reasoning and problem solving tasks. Open the presentation again and start from slide 11 (Problem Solving 1). Work through to the end of the presentation, recording any answers on paper and drawing the quadrants if necessary. After that, open the worksheet file. If you are in Yellow Group, you should complete the first worksheet (labelled D and starting with task 1a). Orange Group should complete the second worksheet (labelled E and starting with task 4a). The answers are provided for you to check your understanding once you have finished. Try your best!

01.07.20 - We are going to complete our work on translations today by applying our understanding to some mastery questions and tasks. First, I would like you to work through the presentation, as this will help you to understand the activities you will be having a go at. I have attached the presentation in both PowerPoint and PDF formats. It works better as a PowerPoint because it is more interactive, but if you can only open documents as PDFs, don't worry; you will still be able to read the same explanations. When you have done this, please open the translations mastery sheets. Yellow group should complete either the first sheet (the one with the submarine diving just under the surface), or the second sheet (the one with the submarine fully submerged in water). Orange group should complete either the second, or the third sheet (the third one is the one with the deepest diving submarine). Please choose according to how well you feel you understand this topic so far. The answer sheets are provided below in a separate document. If you finish, open the extension document and again, make a sensible choice based on your understanding. Yellow group should choose either sheet 1 or 2 (D or E) and Orange group should choose either sheet 2 or 3 (E or GD). The answers follow this sheet in the same document. Try your best!

02.07.20 - Today we will be looking at reflecting shapes in the four quadrants. You will need to use everything you have learned so far about position and direction to help you. First, work through the presentation up to slide 9 (fluency 3) and then open the worksheet file. Please complete the work on the first sheet (D) if you are in Yellow Group and the second sheet (E) if you are in Orange Group. If you complete this, you could draw yourself four quadrants and try reflecting shapes of your own. Write the coordinates for your original shape and also the coordinates for each of your reflected shapes. The answers are provided for you to check your completed work. Good luck!

03.07.20 - It's the end of the week again and you know what that means........ I can sense the excitement building............ I can hear the cheers already........ It's the return of Maths Mystery Friday of course! Hurray! Read the instructions as carefully as you can and apply your well honed powers of mathematical deduction to solve the clues and find the culprit. One of the clues involves coordinates again, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned about the four quadrants. The answers are provided for you to check your solutions. Good luck!