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Week beginning 27.04.20

27.04.20 - Numbers to 1000 - Work through the introduction and then complete the 2 worksheets on paper. Check your answers using the answer sheet once you have finished.

28.04.20 - Matching words and numbers - Follow the instructions to record numbers in words and numerals.

29.04.20 - Now try matching words and numerals for numbers with up to 4 digits. Remember that numbers with 4 digits have thousands, hundreds, tens and units (Th, H, T, U).

30.04.20 - Today I would like you to use your knowledge of place value to order numbers correctly. Take care to check if you need to start with the smallest or largest numbers. There is no need to print and cut out the monsters; you can simply write their names and measurements on paper. Remember that the greater / less than signs are used to compare numbers.There are 3 sheets and 3 sets of answers. You do not need to complete all of them. Complete the first sheet and then challenge yourself to complete one of the other two - you can choose! .

     <  Greater than                        >   Less than                                  



     15 > 9

     150 < 500

01.05.20 - Complete the following place value tasks on paper. Think carefully about the value of each digit and remember that we sometimes need to use 0 as a place holder. Do your best!