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Week beginning 22.06.20

22.06.20 / 23.06.20 - This week, we are going to start learning how to read, write and plot coordinates. The simple rule you need to follow, when reading or writing coordinates, is to 'go along the corridor and up the stairs' - in other words, you should read or write the horizontal coordinate first and then the vertical coordinate. Open the file below on zoo coordinates and work through the tasks. The first sheet, marked with 1 star, is the simplest and the third sheet, marked with 3 stars, is the most challenging. See how far you can get. You can record your answers on paper. There is enough work here for today and tomorrow, so take your time and try your best.The answer sheet is provided for you to check your work once you have finished. Try your best.

24.06.20 - Today, I would like you to continue reading, writing and plotting coordinates. Remember to read or write the horizontal coordinate first (along the corridor and up the stairs). There are three levels of difficulty again today. Start with the first sheet (labelled with 1 star) and move on to the next level (2 stars) if you feel confident and have checked that your work is correct. You should draw the grids and plot the coordinates. If you have done this correctly, you should be able to identify and name some 2D shapes. Polygons are 2D shapes with straight sides. If you feel extra confident, you could have a go at the third level (3 stars) where you need to measure the perimeters of the completed shapes also. The answers are provided for you to check your work once you have finished each level. Good luck and try your best!

25.06.20 - You should hopefully be feeling quite confident about reading and plotting coordinates now. Today, you can choose to either complete yesterday's three worksheet levels if you haven't already done so, or you can move onto the emoji coordinates work below. Read the instructions and plot the coordinates carefully to reveal the shapes. You can draw yourself the quadrants on paper if you are at home and unable to print. As an extra task, see if you can plan a series of coordinates that will reveal a secret image for someone else to plot and uncover. Good luck and have fun!

26.06.20 - It's maths mystery Friday again, so get your maths skills and powers of reasoning at the ready! Today, you will be using your understanding of place value and number to solve the clues and catch the culprit. The answers are provided for you to check your work and final solution. Good luck!