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Week beginning 18.05.20

18.05.20 - Work through the presentation on line graphs and then complete the fluency questions on the sheet below. You should complete the greater depth questions on the third question sheet (with GD written inside the orange star). The answers are provided, so you can check your work once you have finished.

19.05.20 - Apply your reasoning and problem solving skills to the line graph work attached below. As yesterday, you should scroll down to the 'Greater Depth' questions on the third question sheet. If you need to refresh your understanding with some examples, read through yesterday's presentation again, focusing particularly on the reasoning type questions.

20.05.20 and 21.05.20 - Look at the information presented in the pie charts. You will need to use your understanding of fractions and percentages for this work. Express the probability answers as fractions of the whole. Interpreting Pie Charts 2 is a bit more challenging than the first set of sheets, so read the instructions carefully. The answers are provided after the final question sheets in each folder for you to check your work.

22.05.20 - It's Maths Mystery Friday, so you will need to use a range of mathematical skills and your powers of reasoning to find the solution. Record your working out on paper as you move through the clues. There is a section on finding the mean. The mean is the total of the numbers, divided by how many numbers there are. For example: 6+3+100+3+13=125. 125 divided by 5 (there are 5 numbers in the list) = 25. Good luck!