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Week beginning 18.05.20

18.05.20 - Work through the interpreting data powerpoint to practise reading information presented on graphs. Try to answer the questions and if possible, discuss your answers with an adult or older sibling in your house. You should check labels and keys very carefully, as they help you to understand what a graph is showing you. After you have finished, open the work on climate graphs and answer the questions on the first sheet only (with the one star symbol). You can record your answers on paper and then check them using the answer sheet which follows the first worksheet.

19.05.20 - Climate Graphs. Today I would like you to look back at yesterday's presentation and the climate graph questions you have already answered from the first worksheet. Once you feel confident that you have refreshed your understanding, complete the questions on the second worksheet (the one marked with 2 stars). You need to scroll past yesterday's work and answers to find it. Look carefully at the key and labels. Today's graph has bars and a line to present two types of information.Try your best and check your answers once you have finished.

20.05.20 and 21.05.20 - For the next 2 lessons, I would like you to have a look at some different bar charts and use the skills you have learned so far to interpret the data. Check the labels and numbered axes very carefully. Remember that not all axes go up in intervals of 1. Sometimes you may need to count in different intervals, such as 2's or 5's. Work out what the intervals on each axis are before you answer the questions. Complete sheet 1 today and sheet 2 tomorrow (they are both attached in the file below).The answers are on the final sheet so you can check your work when you have finished. Try your best!

22.05.20 - Today, I would like you to have a go at solving a maths mystery. You will need to use your maths skills and knowledge to help you. Read the problem first and then look carefully at the information about the players in the table. You must work through the clues and solve each one to help you reach a final solution to the mystery. Record your working out on paper as you go along. I have included the answers so that you can check your working out when you have finished. If possible, it would be nice to ask someone in your house to work with you today so that you have a maths partner to support you. If not, then don't worry and just try your best!