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Week beginning 18.05.20

18.05.20 - Work through the presentation on line graphs and then complete the fluency tasks attached below. If you are in yellow group, you should complete the first question sheet (developing) and if you are in orange group you should complete the second question sheet (expected). There is an introductory page before the question sheets begin. After you have finished, you can scroll to the final sheet in the attachment to check your answers and see how you have done.

19.05.20 - Apply your reasoning and problem solving skills to the line graph work attached below. As yesterday, if you are in yellow group you should scroll down to the 'Developing' questions on the first question sheet and if you are in orange group, you should scroll down to the 'Expected' questions on the second question sheet. If you need to refresh your understanding with some examples, read through yesterday's presentation again, focusing particularly on the reasoning type questions.

20.05.20 and 21.05.20 - Over the next two days, we are going to be working on pie charts. Both orange and yellow groups should complete these tasks. You will need to use your knowledge of angles, fractions and percentages to help you. Today, I would like you to complete the introduction to pie charts sheets and tomorrow, move onto the work on interpreting pie charts. Read the instructions as carefully as you can because they explain what to do step by step. If you do not have a protractor at home for the two questions you are asked to use one (as part of today's introduction work), don't worry. You can make sensible estimates based on your knowledge and understanding of angle sizes. Tomorrow, when you are asked to identify a probability, you should do so as a fraction of the whole. You can use the answer sheets included to check your finished work.Try your best!

22.05.20 - It's Maths Mystery Friday, so you will need to use a range of mathematical skills and your powers of reasoning to find the solution. Record your working out on paper as you go along. There is a section on line graphs, so you can apply some of your learning from this week. You will need to solve all the clues before you can complete the solution sentence written underneath the information table. The answers are provided separately for you to check your working out. Good luck!