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Week beginning 13.07.20

13.07.20 - I know that those of you in school on Friday were all busy doing other things and did not start the new maths mystery, so if you have a maths lesson today you can have a go at this. By now, your mathematical powers of reasoning and deduction are finely tuned, so it's time to put on your detective thinking caps again to solve a baffling case and apprehend the guilty party. The screening of a much anticipated film premiere depends on your abilities to follow the clues and crack the case. Good luck! If you are at home and did manage to do this, challenge yourself to beating your best TTrockstars score and have a go at some Sudoku puzzles. I have attached some below. Try the level you think best suits your Sudoku ability and skills. Warning: the fiendish level is not for the faint hearted! Try them if you dare!!!

14.07.20 / 15.07.20 - You have worked incredibly hard to complete your Y6 maths curriculum and I hope you all feel confident and well prepared for your transition to secondary school. I am sure your new maths teachers will be wowed by your knowledge, skills and ability to solve problems. For the last couple of days, I am giving you some maths puzzles to have a go at. You don't need to do them all, just pick the ones you think look interesting. If you feel like completing some over the summer too, then please go for it! The answer sheet is included in each file for you to check your solutions. Once again, thank you for being fabulous mathematicians and such fantastic Y6 pupils. Well done!