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Week beginning 11.05.20

11.05.20 - Addition and Subtraction problems. Think back to the work you did last week and use your knowledge of addition and subtraction methods to help you solve these problems. The answers are provided after the last challenge so that you can check your work. Record your working out on paper.

12.05.20 - Multiplication. Work through the presentation and then there are four folders of work for you to have a go at. This is for today and tomorrow, so don't worry about completing it all at once. When you click on the arrays, x3, x4 and x8 files, each has 3 different sheets to choose from. The first sheet in each file is the easiest, the second is a little more challenging and the third is the hardest. Look through them and choose the level you think best suits your understanding after working through the presentation.

13.05.20 - Yesterday's work was to be completed over 2 days, so please carry on with the tasks and refresh your understanding by working through the presentation again if you need to. Just in case you have almost finished, I have attached an extra task below. In the multiplication triangles, the two base numbers multiply together to make the number at the top.

14.05.20 - Short multiplication method. Open the pdf file below and read the instructions carefully, as they take you through the method step by step. You need to use your times table knowledge today and draw upon the multiplication skills you have practised this week. Either complete the first page in the pack (you don't need to print off the cards - just do the calculations in any order), or if you are feeling confident complete the second and third pages instead (the ones marked with three stars). The answers are included after the final sheet (just scroll down to check your solutions once you have finished your work). ' Find the product of ' is just another way of telling you to multiply the numbers to reach your solution.

15.05.20 - Have another try today at using the short method for multiplication. Just in case you are struggling with times tables knowledge, I have included a multiplication square to help you with your working out. Read through the presentation and then do the activity sheet calculations. Set your short multiplication sums out on paper. You don't need to complete all the sheets. There are one star, two star and three star question sheets, with the calculations getting more difficult on the three star sheet. Pick the sheet which best suits how confident you feel and check your answers when you have finished.