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Week beginning 06.07.20

06.07.20 - We will be completing our position and direction topic this week, but first we need to finish off Friday's tasks. Miss Owen told me that those of you in school worked really hard on your maths mystery and were enjoying solving the clues, but that you hadn't managed to finish it all. I would therefore like you to complete this work today and identify the culprit. The future of Olympic bobsleigh is resting on your shoulders! If you manage to do this (or you are learning at home and have already completed it), you could practise reflecting shapes to demonstrate what you learned last week. Draw yourself four quadrants and try reflecting different types of triangles and quadrilaterals. Write the coordinates for your original shapes and also the coordinates for each of your reflected shapes. This will be a useful reminder when we move on to problem solving tomorrow. See if you can describe the difference between translation and reflection and demonstrate this. I have attached the maths mystery again below to make it easier for you to access. Good luck!

07.07.20 - Today we will be continuing with our work on reflections. Last week, we looked at reflecting shapes in all four quadrants and you completed the fluency activities, so now it is time to apply your understanding to some reasoning and problem solving. You will need to use your translation skills also. Work through the presentation from slide 10 onwards (if you need to remind yourself what we worked on last week, you can quickly go through slides 1-9 again also). After that, you should open the worksheet file and if you are in Yellow Group, complete the tasks on the first sheet (D). Orange Group should complete the tasks on the second sheet (E). The answer sheet is provided for you to check your finished work.

08.07.20 - Today we will be completing our focus on reflections and tomorrow, you will be asked to use all your learning about position and direction in an investigation. You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and apply your skills to problem solving. First, for today's work, I would like you to open the 'Reflections - Mixed Extension Questions Worksheets' and if you are in Yellow Group, complete questions 1 to 6. Orange Group should complete questions 4 to 9. I have attached a second file with two problem solving tasks, entitled 'Reflections - Problem Solving', but you do not need to complete this if the worksheet tasks are enough for today. If you feel like a challenge and have completed your work, however, you can take a look at them and maybe choose one to solve. You will need to think very carefully about both these problems because there are different possible solutions. I have included answer sheets in both files, but if you do have a go at either question in the problem solving file, your answers may look slightly different to the given examples and providing you have satisfied the criteria given, that is fine. Try your best!

09.07.20 - Today I would like you to bring together everything you have learned during our work on position and direction to solve a playground planning problem. You will need to read and write coordinates in all four quadrants and translate and reflect different objects. Read the instructions carefully so that you understand exactly what is required. Good luck - I hope you secure the job!

10.07.20 - Welcome back to Maths Mystery Friday. By now, your mathematical powers of reasoning and deduction are finely tuned, so it's time to put on your detective thinking caps again to solve a baffling case and apprehend the guilty party. The screening of a much anticipated film premiere depends on your abilities to follow the clues and crack the case. Good luck!