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Week beginning 01.06.20

01.06.20 - Today, I would like you to work through the presentation on interpreting charts. Complete the activities as you go along on paper. The answers and examples for each question are provided on the following slides, so you can check your work. Any charts you need to draw can also be done on your paper. Choose a sensible scale to fit your page.

02.06.20 - Today, we will continue working on interpreting charts. I would like you to complete the tasks on the two sheets attached below. If you need to refresh your memory, please have another look at yesterday's presentation before you start. You can record your answers on paper. The third attachment is the answer sheet, so you can check your work once you have finished.

03.06.20 /04.06.20 - Today and tomorrow, we are going to have a go at solving problems linked to charts. First, I would like you to work through the presentation and after that, open the problem solving worksheets. You can complete 'Problem Solving 1' today and 'Problem Solving 2' tomorrow.The answers are included for you to check your work once you have completed it all. This work involves thinking carefully about what you have learned about data in charts and the most effective ways of presenting it. Explain your thinking as clearly as you can and draw examples, where possible, to prove what you are saying is correct. Look back at the work you have completed so far on charts and graphs, as this will help you. For example, think about the labels and intervals on the axes.Try your best!

05.06.20 - Today, I would like you to have another go at following a series of clues to solve a maths mystery. You will need to use your understanding of place value and calculations to help you. Read each clue carefully and put all your answers together to help you find the culprit! The answers are provided at the end, but try to complete your tasks before you check. Good luck!