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Week 4 - 27.04.20

Friday saw the start of the of Ramadan, you can find out more about this month of Muslim fasting, reflection and community by clicking the links below.


Click on the bottom link to see some kindness challenge cards, see how many of them you can complete over the next few weeks. We would love to hear about your acts of kindness so don't forget to email:




Mrs Heeney has found this great singing opportunity for us to take part in, please click on the links below to find out more and then join in with learning this great song. You can subscribe to the channel where they hope to publish a live event to showcase all of our great singing talents.

In My Liverpool Home - Virtual iSing project - Intro video

Here's a video which tells you all about our virtual iSing project which you can get involved in over the next week. We really look forward to seeing and hea...

In My Liverpool Home song video with Mrs Bowyer

Join Mrs Bowyer as she demonstrates the song, helps you warm up your voices and of course helps you to learn the song. You'll soon be ready to make your own ...