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Week 3- 20th April

Welcome back!


We hope you have had a nice Easter break and are ready to get started with your home learning again today.


We look forward to seeing your emails with photographs of the work you have done.


The BBC bitesize website has some additional activities that you can access, please feel free to explore. They are aimed at Key Stage 1 but some activities are suitable for Reception also. CBeebies also has lots of games and activities to help keep your child engaged and learning.


An online hub of lessons has also been launched this week. You can access additional lessons on Oak National Academy resource hub using the link :


Parents if you are worried about your child staying safe online you can access resources and advice on the following websites:


If you are looking for advice for supporting home learning you can click on the link below:



Our topic for the next two weeks will be 'wild animals'.


This week the story we will explore is 'Walking in the Jungle'

You can find the story on YouTube,

Or click on the link below


  1. Who does he see first?
  2. Which animal roared?
  3. Which animal was your favourite?
  4. What animal did he see last?
  5. Can you make all of the different noises?
  6. Can you move like the character in our story?


Walking through the Jungle, a wonderful story read for kids

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This week we are exploring the number 9.


You can watch the Numberblocks episode on CBeebies (BBC iPlayer)/ Youtube  or click on the link below.


What can you find 9 of in your house? pencils? socks? cups? spoons?




  1. If you found 5 pencils, how many more would you need to have 9?
  2. If you had 10 socks, how many would you have to take away to have 9?
  3. If you have 7 spoons, how could you make it 9?
  4. If you have 14 pennies, how could you make it so you just have 9?


Can you create any of your own problems using the number 9?

CBeebies | Numberblocks | Number Nine Song

Learn all about the number nine with our friend Numberblock Nine from CBeebies Numberblocks! Find more Numberblocks clips and fun on the CBeebies website htt...



Using the cards form your pack can you practise saying what sound each one makes?


What are your favourite 9 sounds? Can you make any simple words with these sounds?


Challenge time!


How fast can you say all the sounds in your pack? who will be the fastest? email us with your results.


Reading game:

Click on the link below to play Tell a T Rex

Physical Development


Can you complete this jungle yoga session? click on the link below.


Can you try to move like the different animals in the story?


Like a snake? 

Like a lion or tiger?

Like a monkey?

Like a crocodile?

Like an elephant?


Can you email us some of those great moves?

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