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Week 13 - 06.07.20


It is our final Friday challenge and your chance to really push yourself. Give every question a go but we should aim to complete the first 6 using our taught mathematically knowledge. 

English Writing Task


Open one of the challenges below and complete the tasks. Understanding the grammar, vocabulary and punctuation outlined in these activities will prepare you for year 6. Challenge A is more challenging than B. Perhaps have a go at B, and then move onto A with your increasing confidence. 

English - Spelling Task

Friday's word of the day. How many sentences can you write with 'rebuff'?

Thursday 9th July 2020


English Writing Task

English Grammar and Vocabulary Task

Thursday's WOD. Write this word backwards, with bubble writing, upside down and with a swirly font.


Yesterday we looked at how shapes are reflected on a grid, today we are going to translate a shape on a grid. This is when we move the shape around the grid, a good tip to remember when doing this is to ensure the shape does not change size or rotate. It should stay exactly the same, the only difference is, it has moved position on the grid. 


Still image for this video

Wednesday 8th July


Today we are going to look at shapes on a co-ordinate grid. If you would ask to think about the word 'reflection', what would you think of? For me, I think of a mirror and your reflection. This is the exact same when doing reflection, the shape on both sides of the same should look exactly the same. Use the video to help you. 


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English - Writing Task

English - Spelling Task

Wednesday's word of the day. Challenge - use this in conversation with an adult.

Tuesday 7th July



Today you are going to use your reasoning skills to solve questions linked to 3-D shapes. Use the facts from yesterday to support you. If you need to use google to research details, then you can. Don't forget to watch the video to help you. 


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English (cross curricular with history)

LI: to write a character profile

Writing Activity:

Using the video from yesterday (click on the link to watch the clip again), , think about who would live in the buildings. In the villages,  you would find Viking settlements—dwellings, storage facilities, and barns—were built with stone foundations and had walls made of stone, peat, sod turfs, wood, or a combination of these materials.


Who would live in a Viking village? Farmers? Blacksmiths? Viking warriors? A young family? Click on this link, it will help you to gain a better understanding of viking villages and who would live there,way%20of%20life%20and%20beliefs.

Choose a building and decide who lives there.  Describe that character in detail using the character profile sheets to help you. Challenge B is more challenging than A.


Click the personality traits help sheet, this is a great resource full of rich vocabulary for you to use.

Tuesday's Spelling Task

Tuesday's WOD. Write 5 sentences using penultimate!

Monday 6th July


Happy Monday everybody, we wanted to start this week by congratulating our super TT Rockstars from last week. The challenge was to ensure you played your 10 games in the studio and there are 10 pupils who rose to the challenge. Keep setting such a good example. Those pupils were...

5B 5D 5J








Ze Feng



This week we move on to shapes and to complete today's task you need to know what a regualr and irregular polygon means. All quite fancy technical words but in truth mean quite a simple thing.

Polygon - A shape that has 3 or more sides.

Regular polygon - A shape where all the angles and all the sides are equal. 


So if I wanted to draw a regular 4 sided polygon, I would draw a square as it has all the sides the same length and all the angles the same. If I drew an irregular 4 sided polygon, I could draw a rhombus, parallelagram, trapeqium or rectangle.


Here is your task for today. Use the video to support you. 


TIP: If you need to calculate the angles in a polygon, break the shape into triangles, each triangle is worth 180 degrees, how many can you make? This will tell you how many degrees are in the shape.




Still image for this video

Challenge: Go on a shape hunt around your house and try and find an object that meets each of the criteria in the list. Send in your pics and they can be added to the table.

Sides Regular Irregular



Writing Activity:

LI: to use senses, similes and metaphors

Watch the video below, as you fly through the viking village.

What can you smell? What can you taste? What can you see? What can you hear? What can you touch?

Imagine you are a bird, flying through the sky. You are tasked with writing a short descriptive paragraph.


Similes are when you compare something to another, using ‘like’ or ‘as’. A metaphor is when you use an object or a word to describe something, using the word ‘is’.  Aim to use these in your writing. Below you will find an example


As my feathers ruffled in the wind, I flew lower and lower around the village beneath me. I could hear the fires crackling;the embers popping like an volcanic eruption and the smell of grey, murky smoke dance through my body and into my lungs. I coughed. I coughed again, flapping vigorously to escape the deathly air. I explored the depths of the village even further, where I…

Monday's Spelling Task

Monday's WOD - can you use this word in your writing task?