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Task 1 - Phonics

Have a game of 'Fishy Phonics'

How many did you hook?

Did you beat your adult?


Click the link to access the game!

Picture 1

Task 2 -  Maths

Using your number cards from your pack how many numbers can you recognise?


With the numbers you know, can you make a number line?

Your number line might be:






Play missing number.

Take it in turns with your adult to hide a number! Which number has gone missing?

Encourage children to count along the number line to help them if needed.



Task 3 - Numberblocks


Enjoy an episode of Numberblocks.

Can you count to 20?

Can you draw your favourite number block?

My favourite is number 7 because he is like a rainbow smiley

New Numberblocks Episodes with Twenty! Learn to count!