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Wednesday 6th May 2020

This afternoon you will be doing History and Philosophy.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

LI: To find out how Benin’s past is recorded through a range of sources, looking at the 'Story of Eweka'. (History)


Look through the powerpoint. There is a lot of information today so you might find that it helps you to make notes on paper, under your date and LI. Towards the end each of your activities are explained.

Task 1: Circle of whispers.


1.Is the way in which people record history any different to this?
2.Can you think of ways in which it may be different?
3.How might it be the same?


Task 2: Sketch a 'family tree' from the story you read.

This is a simple flow chart showing who is related to who, and how.

Here is an example:

Read the story and sketch the family tree

Task 3: (Main Task) Storyboards

Imagine that you are a film director and you want to create a film about the story of Eweka.

Create a storyboard of the different parts of the story.

Task 4: A different version of events. (Plenary)


1.How do these different ideas change the story of Eweka?


2.Why do you think that this story is so important to the history of Benin that people still debate and talk about what they believe happened today?


3.One of the main differences is about who Oduduwa was. Was he actually Prince Ekaladerhan? This would mean the Eweka was actually Ogiso Owodo’s great-grandson. What do you think?



Today you will continue the Hometalk philosophy programme that we started last week. If you are able to work with an adult or somebody else, then use the PowerPoint and work through it. If not, select either or both of the stimuli (The Giving Tree or All You Need is Love) and make notes on your thoughts.

Philosophy Hometalk- Week 2

The Giving Tree - Animated Children's Book

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The Beatles - All You Need Is Love (Music Video)

Read Important !!! New videos in a few hours the content is Rooftop Concert, Let It Be / The long and winding road among other videos stay tuned

Try Signing All You Need is Love by The Beatles!

It is quite fast but a lot of the lyrics and signs are repeated. You can put the YouTube video into slow speed or pause to learn each one.