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Wednesday 24th June 2020

RE / Audiobook

Wednesday 24th June 2020

LI: To continue to use the metaphor of a journey within my own life.

Over the past few weeks in RE, you have been thinking about your own life journey. You begun by thinking about the past, and then thought about the present. We have also thought about how things impact other things within our life journey.


You should have already done this at home so this should be a quick activity. Note down between 5 and 10 key events from your life so far (lockdown will probably be one of them). Remember key events can be big or small- but they are key because they have impacted something else later in your life, or are impacted by something that happened before.



Miss Hesketh's main life events:

1. Born 3rd July 1995

2. First sister was born

3. Started school- I really enjoyed my first school and absolutely loved the teachers there.

3. Second sister was born.

4. Playing "schools" with my sisters and cousins.

5. Got a job at a residential school (whilst I was at high school).

6. Went to university.

7. Traveled to many different countries.

8. Got a job as a teacher.

9. Bought myself a flat.

10. I am now a teacher, uploading work online for some children at home and teaching other children in school! Nothing in my life could have made me predict that this would happen.


Many things in your life happen because of something in your past. Lots of things impact what will happen in the future: this may be soon, or in years to come. Other things happen because of things that are out of our control.



  • If I don't do my homework one week, I might be asked to stay in at playtime that week. (Not doing homework causes an impact in the near future)
  • If I don't do my homework, I miss out on securing some learning. Miss Hesketh had given me that work to do so that I could have more practise on a certain task. If I need to use this bit of learning in secondary school, or at another time in my life, I might not be as good at it as someone who had that extra bit of practise when they had done their homework for Miss Hesketh. (years later)
  • If Miss Hesketh prints out some homework and then there is a global pandemic and the whole school closes for three months, she can't give it to the class. Yes it might have the same impacts later on, but not doing the homework was out of anybody's control.


What would have happened if...?

Write down something that could have been different if something else hadn't happened. Reflect. How could your life's journey have been changed?


Spiritual development – stilling and reflection

 We are now going to spend a few minutes on a reflective activity that uses silence to get you thinking about your own journey and the ways that you make decisions when there is a ‘fork in the road’.