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Happy Wednesday boys and girls!


Can you answer these true or false questions about the story we have been learning this week?

Super Daisy: And the Peril of Planet Pea!

True or False


Planet pea was on a collision course with planet earth. (true)

Super Daisy is stronger than a lunar dog. (false, she is stronger than a lunar elephant)

Daisy wanted normal sauce with her dinner (true)

The little boy in the book is called David. (false, he is called Dylan)




Can you practise writing the number 11.

Use your magic finger to write it in the air.

Use your magic finger to write it on the floor.

Now can you write it on a piece of paper?


Sesame Street: Lonely Number 11


Can you complete the time challenge!

How many flashcards can you get in 1 minute?


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Draw Daisy with Nick Sharratt

Can you draw Daisy? Nick Sharratt is an illustrator, that means he draws the pictures in the book!