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Looking at our story 'Red Riding Hood', can you use the images below to re tell the story?

Can you make your own story map, adding in any key words or phrases to help you remember.


Can you make your own map of the story setting?

You can use lego or any thing you have in your house.

Use the puppets you made on Monday to walk through the story and re tell it.

Maybe you could change it slightly, create your own version of the traditional tale.

Don't forget to send us your recording of your story or tweet them on the school account.

Can you make a map of where you live?

What shapes would you need to make Granny's house?



How fast can you say all of the sounds?


Look at the alphablocks episode below and practise the sounds


ai  oa 


Click on the link below to play 'Tell-a-T-Rex' to practise your reading and comprehension skills.

Alphablocks : Sail - Series 1

The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. From A to Z, every Alphablock has fun discovering the magic of wordplay...

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