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It's wonderful Wednesday!


We are already half way through the week!


I have some true or false statements for you about the book we have been reading.

Listen to your grow up carefully they are a little tricky!


The whale carried the snail on his back? False - it was his tail!

The speedboats made the Whale loose his way and get lost – true

The whale got stuck on the beach because he was too small – falsehe was too big!

Firemen helped whale get back into the sea – true

The villagers shouted “goodbye” as the whale swam away – false they shouted “hooray”

The Snail and the Whale [Children's story | Read Aloud]


We should be getting good at recognising our tricky words now!
The next challenge is to write them! Can you practise writing all the tricky words. Once you can write phase 2 have ago at 3 then 4!

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Maths 1

Have a go at this addition game!

Click the link below:


Let's get creative!

Let's get creative!  1