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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Please begin your afternoon by spending at least 20-30 minutes on Reading Plus. After that, we will be doing RE.


You should aim to complete at least one vocabulary lesson, and one green read. Miss Hesketh and Miss Owen are both checking who has been online. They can respond to messages if you need help or something changing- just ask! (You should be logging on to Reading Plus every single day anyway- but here is some extra time to start that again). 




Wednesday 17th June 2020

LI: To explore the present of my own life journey.


Last Thursday (11th June) we begun a new R.E. (Religious Education) Topic.

The big question is:

Why can life be described as a journey?


I explained that exploring our own life journeys would be split into two main sections and the little bit inbetween:

1. What has already happened.

(What is happening right now.)

2. What will happen in the future.


When we think about the lives of others, when we are learning about a famous or influential person for example, we might notice the most significant events in that person's life, things that they did, things that they discovered or things that they changed. We might then use a timeline to order these events and understand why one thing may have lead to the next, then on to the 'main event' and so on (you looked at Martin Luther King's timeline last week).


Although 'the present' is a very small part of our life journey, what we are living through at the moment is very significant for many of us (and the whole world). 


Before we can look at and explore the lives and journeys of other people, we must reflect and look at ourselves.


'Your ability to envision the future is strongly influenced by your memory for the past. That is, you tend to use memories of past experiences to predict what your life will be life in the future. It is easier to use your memories when the future you are predicting is close in time.'


Last week you mapped out the journey, and key events, in your life so far.


Today you are going to look at 'now' in your life journey. I would like you to think about "lockdown" and all of the other things going on in the world, but also things going on within your own "bubble" of life.


I would like you to write events that are happening now (or recently in the past, or soon in the future). Next, add notes about how your present events have been impacted by the past, or might impact the future. Remember, these can be big events impacting everyone all over the world, or small things that just impact you. The main point is that you recognise how things from the past can impact 'now', and how 'now' can impact the future. Everything is connected in one long journey!


For example:


School closed and home learning begun.

Past- nobody predicted it, we hadn't spent a long time preparing. the teachers had a short amount of time to get home learning packs and online learning set up. 

Future- we will have to get used to being in the classrooms again.

we won't be going to London. some children wont return to school this year.


Black Lives Matter protests around the world.

Past- Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and many, many other people have been fighting for an end to racial discrimination and racism for a very long time.

Future- hopefully people have had more time to research and learn about this injustice more, and so we might finally see an end to this.


We have had to stay at home for nearly 3 months.

Past- Sometimes I moaned about going to school or to the shops with my family- I said I wanted to stay at home.

Future- I will appreciate being able to go out and see my friends, going to school and doing things with my family again.


School has been closed whilst I was in Year 6.

Past- I was looking forward to going to London. I knew what costume I was going to wear for the fancy dress parade. I was looking forward to seeing old photos in our leavers assembly.

Future- I don't know how we will do this. I am nervous about going to secondary school without transition.


I have been spending a lot of time with my family.

Past- Sometimes my parents were at work a lot and I didn't see them.

Future- We will appreciate time together, and apart, in the future. 


I have not seen my friends.