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Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good Afternoon Year 6!


This time last week I asked you to spend some time reflecting on the current events and protests around the world, particularly looking at the #BlackLivesMatter campaign and the #BlackoutTuesday movement. If you would like to return to last weeks page, just return to the Afternoon menu and select Wednesday 3rd June.


Today we are going to, again, link these events to our learning. You will begin by completing a Reading Comprehension (to recap what we have previously learned in school about Martin Luther King) and then you will explore the themes of fairness, inequality and injustice in Philosophy.


You may also want to think back to our play with Ms White in Year 5 when we explored the journey of today's music through black history- including our learning about the slave trade, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and the current situation in America, with Donald Trump. Like Miss Hesketh, you might distinctly remember Frank's amazing performance as Martin Luther King, learning and delivering his famous speech powerfully (and Sonny's great representation of Donald Trump).

Reading Comprehension- Martin Luther King Jr.


Please select the reading comprehension that is appropriate for you (challenge yourself). 'One Star' is the easier option, where 'Three Star' is the most difficult. Each document has the text and questions. When you have completed the questions use the answer pages to check your own work.



Philosophy- Fairness, Inequality, Injustice (HomeTalk)


Please ask an older, responsible member of your family to sit with you to read, explore, reflect and learn within this philosophy session this afternoon.


At a few points within your 'home learning' journey, we have used the 'Home Talk' philosophy sessions to explore different concepts. Today, in a week where we have all been reminded of deep problems in our societies, we will do the same.


Today you will be using all of the 'four Cs' and a range of Thinking Moves that you will have explored within the first week that we did this.



Follow this powerpoint through for today's philosophy:


It does state that some activities and thinking points are for children aged 3-5, some for 6-9 and others 10+. However, it is absolutely fine to choose any of these. Any, or all, of these discussions and thinking points are useful and important to have.


If you have felt upset by anything I would recommend you choose 3-5, if you are doing this alone I would recommend 6-9, and please only complete 10+ if you are working with an adult.