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wc 8th June 2020

Friday 12th June 2020

DT – Egyptian Hieroglyphics


Our topic this term is Ancient Egyptian masks.

We wanted to start off by looking at some of the ways Ancient Egyptians would communicate through hieroglyphics. These were symbols they used as a form of writing. This will lead into your history work too!


Egyptian Hieroglyphics Information

The ancient Egyptians invented one of the earliest known writing systems. The symbols they used were called hieroglyphs, which comes from a Greek word meaning ‘sacred carving’. This is because the ancient Egyptians believed that hieroglyphs had been invented by the gods. This is not surprising because hieroglyphs were very beautiful.

In Ancient Egypt, the people who wrote hieroglyphs were called scribes. A scribe had to go to a special school to learn how to do it, because it was very complicated. Hieroglyphs included around 700 different signs of objects and animals. Some signs were pictorial or symbolic and stood for whole words. Some signs were phonetic, which means they stood for sounds.

Hieroglyphs could be written vertically, horizontally, left to right, or right to left! The phonetic hieroglyph alphabet is the closest version to our modern English alphabet. It is not exactly the same because the ancient Egyptians did not have symbols for vowels (‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’ or ‘u’), but the alphabet below includes the closest sounds.


Now follow these links and check out the information, images and videos on these websites:



Using the images below, try drawing out the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet. Then use it to write some words or sentences of your own. Maybe start with your name! (How to write your name in heiroglphics)

Thursday 11th June 2020

History – Where is Egypt? How Did it Used to Look?


Use Google Earth and the online atlas links below to help you complete the map activity:

Task 2

Watch the clips below.

Using what you found out, explain why the River Nile was so important for how the Ancient Egyptians described where everything in their land was.


The River Nile was important for how the Ancient Egyptians understood the geography of their land because_____________________________________________________________



Now write down 3 facts about the geography of Ancient Egypt that you learned from the video clips:

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Computing – Word Processing Activity



  1. Enter the following text.


  1. Use the font comic sans MS and font size 13.



The Tooth Fairy


A couple of weeks ago Paul from Liverpool noticed one of his false teeth had fallen out.  As he and his wife Tracey were heading to Spain a few days later, he made an appointment with his dentist to have it refitted.  The last thing he wanted was a toothless grin as he strolled along the beach.


Where could it have gone?  Tracey insisted that she hadn’t touched it.  If it couldn’t be found Paul would have to go on holiday minus the gnasher. The couple started searching high and low.


The couple’s son Mark and his four year old boy David, who had been visiting them from London, commiserated with Paul.  The day before the Spanish trip Mark was making up David’s bed.  When he turned the duvet he stopped in surprise and he couldn’t help laughing as he saw his Dad’s tooth lying on the bed.


When David came home from school that day Mark quizzed him and the mystery was solved. David said he’d seen the tooth in the bathroom and with a certain enterprising flair, had taken the tooth and hidden it under his pillow, hoping the tooth fairy would leave fifty pence for him that night.


But the fairy hadn’t turned up and David had decided that, despite his disappointment, it was probably best to keep his plan a secret.  Mark explained that the tooth fairy only visits when you put your own tooth under your pillow and it only works with a real tooth.  The eagle-eyed fairies easily spot Granddad’s false tooth.


As for Paul it was too late to make a new appointment with the dentist to have the tooth repaired, so he has to go to Spain with his gap on show.  David did get fifty pence from Mark, his Dad, as a consolation prize.



  1. Enter your name and today’s date a few lines below the end of the text.


  1. Format the heading so that is larger than the rest of the text, underlined and in the centre.


  1. Change only the heading The Tooth Fairy to a different font.


  1. Embolden the heading The Tooth Fairy. Make sure that the rest of the text is not emboldened.


  1. Save the report with the filename Fairy.


  1. Insert the following paragraph after the first paragraph, after the text along the beach.


 He put the tooth on the bathroom shelf for safe keeping, but before the appointment he noticed that it was missing and he had to cancel the date with the dentist


  1. In the paragraph, which begins But the fairy delete the text


, despite his disappointment,


  1. Move the third sentence of the third paragraph, ‘The couple started searching high and low.’  to become the first sentence of the third paragraph.

    Do this by highlighting the text, clicking ‘cut’ then clicking the new position and clicking ‘paste’.


  1. Insert a paragraph break in the paragraph that begins. The couples son.. after the words commiserated with Paul.


  1. Replace all the occurrences of the word dentist with the word orthodontist (three times in all).


  1. Fully justify all text apart from the heading.


  1. Change each paragraph of the text into a different colour.


  1. Save the report with the new filename Pocket Money.


  1. Finally, insert bullet points at the start of each paragraph by clicking into the start of each paragraph then clicking this button:

Monday 8th June 2020

RE – Spiritual Leaders


As we continue our work on rules, it is interesting to think about different leaders who help create rules. Today, we want to focus on spiritual leaders.


Read through the PPT below then complete the activity sheet. You may want to use the video links for extra support.


For activity 3, use the images at the bottom of the page for ideas for your No. 1 Leader. You can also choose someone else. Consider doing research into the person you choose before you complete the activity.


Video Links: