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wc 4th May 2020

Thursday 7th May 2020 - Using Microsoft Word


LI: To listen and respond 


Listen carefully to this piece of music.


Did you enjoy it? Why?

How did it make you feel? happy?sad?


What was the best part of the song?





Wednesday 6th May 2020

LI – to understand how sound travels


Watch the following clip -


Next, we will play a game:

  • You’ll need a few people in your house to play with you.
  • One person needs to be the ‘tapper’. Everyone else sit silently, head resting on a desk, eyes shut.
  • If you are tapped on the shoulder, you should knock gently on the table.
  • Everyone else should then, without looking, point in the direction of the source of the knocking sound.
  • Everyone hold their ‘points’ and open their eyes. Are they all pointing in the same direction?
  • Repeat a few more times. Are people always pointing in the same direction?
  • Repeat with a softer sound. Person tapped on the shoulder should gently tap the table with one finger. Did everyone get the correct general direction? How did we know where the sound was coming from? We heard it through our ears.
  • How did the sound travel from the source to our ears?


Next, watch these clips -


What can you see happening? The tuning fork is vibrating and the ripples move outwards from the sound source (the fork). This is how sound travels, by causing the particles around the vibrating source to vibrate, which in turn vibrate other particles, sending a ripple away from the vibrating sound source. We usually hear sound that has travelled through the medium of air, but it can also travel through solids and liquids.


Now, you are going to create your own string telephone. Watch the instructional video below:

Finally, watch this video -

Tuesday 5th May 2020

LI: To compare countries


Fill out the table below using your own knowledge and by doing further research.


Monday 4th May 2020

At different times this year, we’ve thought about rules. In the next few weeks, we will study the rules of different religions. We want to start off by thinking more about rules outside of specific religions.

Watch the following reading of What If Everybody Did That then read the PDF. As you read, make notes of your thoughts and answers for each page.