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wc 29/06/2020

Now, write up the recipe for how to make a mummy. Use the information from the file below to help you. Try to include:

  • A heading
  • Ingredients
  • Step by step guide for how to make a mummy
This National Geographic website will support you with the task -

Next, imagine you are an ancient Egyptian called Achillas and complete the following task:

Tuesday 2nd July 2020

Computing – Data and Branching Databases


Today, we’ll work on some computing skills without necessarily using a computer. We’re going to look at databases as a form of presenting data and information.

Think of some of your friends and family. Try to think of 10 or more. Complete a table of information for each person involving details about them. It might look something like this:

Now, sort your information into a single table like this one:

You now have a database of your information.

A branching database is a way of presenting information that separates the entries using questions such as yes or no.

Finally, present the data in a branching database such as this one:

Monday 29th July 2020

RE – Rules and Traditions and Sikhism

Today’s lesson is split into two sections. Firstly, we will look at what Sikhs believe. In part 2, we will focus in on the rules of Sikhism, known as The 5 K’s.


Open the PPT then complete the activity sheet below it.