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wc 27th April 2020

Friday 1st May 2020

Aboriginal painting using very basic materials. Basic line paintings are used to draw the outline of animals and natural objects native to rural Australia such as lizards, snakes, cranes, crocodiles and butterflies. Repeated stippled designs using finger tips, the end of the brush handle or cotton buds add depth and blocks of colour to the line painting to improve the image in a traditional manner.

Task – to draw a local animal in the style of aboriginal art

In the BBC video, you’ll notice the children drawing animals that are native to where they live. We will try this today! Search your home, garden, shed or anywhere else nearby to find your animal then try sketching it in the aboriginal style. You could even use your pet! Use the skills you developed last week working on your turtle sketch.

Once you have completed your animal, please share it on the school Facebook or Twitter.

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Tuesday 28th April 2020

LI: To research Brazil


Create your own fact file on Brazil using the image below as a template. 

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