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wc 11th May 2020

Friday 16th May 2020

LI: To plan an alternative story


Watch Handa’s Hen:


Today, you will be writing your own version of the story.


Look at the plan below and fill it out.

Picture 1
You can choose your own animals, or pick some of the ones from below:
Picture 1

CHALLENGE: Now write your own story in full!


Thursday 15th May 2020

LI: To answer questions about a story


Watch Handa’s Hen and then answer the questions below.

Picture 1

Wednesday 13th May 2020

LI: To write a book review


Watch Handa’s Hen again:


Complete the book review below in full sentences.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Tuesday 12th May 2020

LI: To describe an animal


Today, you will be describing your favourite animal from Handa’s Hen.

Watch it again:


Which animal is your favourite?


Your task

Complete the poster below.

Picture 1
  1. Draw your own picture of your favourite animal from the story.
  2. Describe the animal. Remember full stops and capital letters.

It has…

This animal has…

Picture 1

Monday 11th May 2020

LI: To read and write numbers


Watch Handa’s Hen below:


Read the numbers below:

Picture 1

Your task:


Look at the worksheet below:


  1. Carefully read each sentence.
  2. Write in the missing numbers on each one: I saw two butterflies.
  3. Write in any missing animal names too. Check with the Animal Pictures below if you get stuck.
Picture 1
Picture 2