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Task 1 - Phonics

First play the tricky word song below to revise the tricky words we know! smiley

Ask your grown up to write some of the tricky words down on little pieces of paper and then hide them around your house. It is your job to find them! You only get a point if you can read that tricky word!

Remember you can't sound out tricky words - don't let them trick you!

How many tricky words did you find? Did any tricky words tricky you? 

Tricky Words Song

Task 2 - Maths

Can you complete the activities for 'The story of number 8'?

Task 3 - Communication and Language


Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading: Stop Telling Fibs

Can you answer some questions about the story?


1) What did Tomek say was in his coat? (goat)

2) What was in Tomek's mitten? (kitten)

3) What was in Tomek's trunks? (skunks)

4) What was in Tomek's Pyjamas? (llamas)


What do you notice about all the answers?


Can you think of your own rhyming pairs?


Let us know what rhyming pairs you can make up!

e.g a cat in my hat laugh