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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020

LI: To use my geographical knowledge to determine what makes a country appealing.


Over the past few weeks, and within your geographical learning at school, you have been learning all about the world around us.


Now it is time for you to begin our 'Passport around the World' project.


We would like you to select and research your own place from anywhere in the world! Over the next few geography lessons we will be putting together a project all about your country, to promote it and encourage people to go there themselves.


Start by watching this video to recap your knowledge:

Your task today is to simply select any place from around the world and create an information poster about it. You could also choose to include a sentence or two about how you made your decision and why you have chosen the place that you did.
If you need to return to last week's lesson to help you complete today's Spanish task, click the link here:
Today's task: