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Wednesday 25th March

This afternoon you are going to watch an episode narrated by David Attenborough as a part of your Science lesson and then complete a short Spanish task. You can also use your afternoons to try to complete 'The Daily Challenge' and maybe some physical activity (PE).

Wednesday 25th March 2020

LI: To use ideas of adaptation and evolution to understand animals and their environments (Science)


Like Charles Darwin, David Attenborough is a naturalist; this means that he studies plants and animals so that we can all learn more about them.


  1. Watch this episode of Frozen Planet.

As you watch, note down any animals that you see.

  1. After the episode, write down why you think each animal lives in the habitat. What characteristics does the animal have? How has it adapted to the environment?


Charles Darwin’s ideas were the first to suggest that animals adapt to their environment.

  1. Write notes next to each animal to suggest which characteristics best suit the animal to the habitat. You can also use the internet to research in mor detail.


Lizard                                   Desert


This lizard is suited to the desert environment because it’s scales camouflage into the sand.


Polar Bear- it has hairs on it’s paws. I think this is so that it helps them to grip onto the slippy ice.

Picture 1


LI: To identify household items (Spanish)


1. Watch this:


2. After that, take a photo or draw a quick sketch of a room or two inside your house.

3. Then, looking at the photo, write down the name of all of the objects that you can see in Spanish!    E.g.

Picture 1