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Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Audiobook / Spanish



Today's audiobook reading is 22 minutes so get comfy!


Chapter 1




The same as last week, today's lesson (and these last few weeks), Ms Pizzigoni thought it would be a great idea for you to have a head start in Year 7 Spanish!


The 5 lessons are literally the first five units of Year 7 Spanish. You should have done all the topics during primary (either with Ms Pizzigoni or Teresa) and most of them are the questions that we kept revising anyway. If you work well on this unit, you will have a really easy Autumn 1 next year (unless you do French, of course). 


Lesson 2

This video may help with correct punctuation (and some extra exercises):


Open the document below for today's activity. I have also uploaded the Vocab and Grammar sheets again if you need them.