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Song of the Day 

Ten Green Bottles |

How many bottles are there on the wall at the start of the song? Can you count them? Use your fingers to help you, put one down each time a bottle falls off the wall. 

Task of the Day 

Playdough is so fun and also helps our fingers grow strong so we can become super writers! Can you have a go at making cloud playdough? 

Story of the Week 

"The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson

In Nursery we talk a lot about being kind friends and think about how we can help each other. In the story the giant is kind to the other animals.


Questions -

1. Can you name some of the animals the giant met on his journey?

2. What did George give away to the giraffe?

3. What did George give to the mice who's house had burned down?


Task - 
Can you draw your favourite animal in the story?