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Who would you like to take on your picnic?

Where would you choose to have your picnic? On the beach, in the park or the woods?

What types of food would you add into your picnic?

Can you talk about healthy choices you have made when choosing your picnic food?


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Try different materials to create your basket, which one is the best?

Do you think the strongest basket would be made out of paper? tissue? plastic? tin foil? or something else?

Talk about your predictions before you make it and then the results when you test it out. Make sure it is a fair test by using the same items in the basket when testing it out.


Can you solve these problems:

  1. Red Riding Hood has 2 sandwiches, 2 cakes and 2 apples in her basket, how many things is she taking to Granny's house?
  2. Along the way she stops to pick some flowers, she finds 6 yellow daffodils and 4 white daisies, how many flowers will she give to Granny?
  3. When she arrives at Granny's house she gives Granny a bunch of grapes. There are 10 grapes in the bunch and Granny eats 4, how many grapes are left?
  4. Granny has been baking cup cakes for Red Riding Hood, she made 10 pink cakes and 7 blue cakes, how many cakes did Granny bake?
  5. After the wood cutter has saved them they all sit down to eat the cakes, they all eat 1 blue and 1 pink cake, how many cakes will be eaten? How many cakes will be left?

Alphablocks - Volume 3 Episode 16 - Fair (Digraph ER and Trigraphs AIR, URE, EAR)

Can you match the sound to the picture?


air    er    ur

Picture 1

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