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Thinking about our story, 'Giraffes can't dance' and the discussion yesterday about the things you can do now and are trying to get better at, can you write 3 simple sentences using the sentence starter below?



  • to record the sounds you hear in the words
  • leave finger spaces between each word
  • start with a capital letter
  • end with a full stop.

Maths: measure with number 10

Don't forget to email your results



Don't forget to keep practising those flash cards, how many can you get right today?


Today we are looking at the sounds:


ar  or

Click on the link below to explore these sounds then see if you can make 10 words with the sounds ar/or, you can use the images below to help you. Use the flashcards in your pack to build the words.

How many or/ ar words can you build?

Creative/PSED activity


Can you think about how Gerald felt during the story? Using some paper plates can you make some feelings faces to show how he felt? We would love to see some pictures of you using them, you can email or tweet them. 

Let's get cooking! Follow the recipe and let us know how tasty they were.

Physical fun!


Using some masking tape or chalk lines on the pavement outside mark out 10 lines equally spaced out. 

  1. can you jump forwards to each line?
  2. can you jump backwards to each line?
  3. can you hop on one foot to each line?
  4. how far can you stretch from the first line?
  5. how far can you jump from the first line?
  6. how many lines can you move across when you stretch out on all fours?
  7. can you make up your own game using the lines?