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We hope you enjoyed starting our Wild animal topic with our story 'Walking in the Jungle'. 

To link with this theme your task today is to look at the Zoo webcam from the link below and find out some more information about the animals in our story.


Communication and Language Activity:

Can you tell someone else in your house or phone a relative to tell them the information you have researched.

What did you find out about the tiger?

Tell them an elephant fact.

What did you find out about crocodiles?


Writing Activity:


Using the sentence starter 'I can see...' tell me what you saw on the webcam in the zoo. You can write it and photograph it then email it or you can type it our yourself, thinking of the sounds you need to write the words. We can't wait to see what you found out!



Our focus sounds today are:


sh and ch

You can watch 'Geraldine' explore these sounds by following the links below:


What things in your house have those sounds in them? Can you write a list of sh/ch words? How many can you think of? Can you think of 9 different words?


Play noughts and crosses using the words from the grid, for each word you read you can add a nought or cross, who will make it in a line of 3 first?


shop push ship
chip much chin
shark chill witch


You can watch the alphablocks episode for sh and ch by clicking the link below:



Can you clap 9 times? Jump 9 times? Can you show 9 on your fingers?


What number is 1 less than 9?


What number is 1 more than 9?





Can you find something in your house that is 9cm ?

Can you find something that is 9 pennies long?

Can you find something that is 9 spoons long?

Can you put them in order of size? 

Who is the tallest in your house?

Who is the smallest?

Can you draw a picture of your family, putting them in order of height? Don't forget any pets you might have.

Maths Challenge

The number 9!
How to use non standard measure
Order your fanmily


What could the little explorer from our story do to make friends with the different animals?


What could he do to be kind to the snake?


How could he make friends with the tiger?


What games would the elephant like to play?


What gift could you give the crocodile?


Which animal would you like to be friends with the most? Why? 


Can you use the sentence starter: I would be friends with.... because...

You could ask a grown up to video you saying your answer and then email to us, we would love to find out your thoughts.

Walking in the Jungle characters

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