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Tuesday 16th June 2020


This afternoon we will be doing geography and Spanish.

Tuesday 16th June 2020

LI: To use a range of geographical skills and knowledge research, to create an information poster.


When we were learning about Chembakolli (a village in India) we used our digital literacy and computing skills to research and create an information poster. You were all able to include your knowledge of flags, continents, oceans, hemispheres and time zones! You also were able to use a huge range of geographical vocabulary. Here is the example poster I made for you then (you did this in pairs- remember?) :



Your task today (and over the next few weeks) will be just the same! You are going to continue to research your chosen 'worldwide destination' in order to convince other people to go there before the summer holidays!


Begin a poster about your chosen country or place.
Draw the flag, and where it is located using a globe/map.
Explain its continent and the countries that make up the continent and locate surrounding oceans.
Use the compass to explain their location in relation to your chosen location. 


Use the powerpoint below (this is what we used to begin our research posters about India) and do the same, but about the place that you have chosen.

Using all of the information on the powerpoint, you are going to make a poster about the location that you have chosen (you should have begun to research this last week).

Where is it? Locate it using a globe/map.
Explain its continent and the countries that make up the continent and locate surrounding oceans.  Remember to use the compass to explain their location.
Now add which hemisphere it is in.
What time zone?
Can you add the coordinates?


For today's lesson (and these last few weeks), Ms Pizzigoni thought it would be a great idea for you to have a head start in Year 7 Spanish!


The 5 lessons are literally the first five units of Year 7 Spanish. You should have done all the topics during primary (either with Ms Pizzigoni or Teresa) and most of them are the questions that we kept revising anyway. If you work well on this unit, you will have a really easy Autumn 1 next year (unless you do French, of course). 


Lesson 1:

I'm also attaching a Vocabulary and a Grammar sheet with all the vocab and grammar that you will need. You could use this as a support sheet at the beginning,  refer back to it every lesson and keep it for next year!