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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Good afternoon Year 6!


Task One

This afternoon we would like you to record your video for Mr O'Shea; you may have planned this yesterday. If you didn't, your task is to look back at last week's online Sports Day (on Kensington Primary YouTube channel), and plan your own activity for younger children to do in September. If you do this at home, please send your video on Twitter or to


These will be uploaded to YouTube so please make sure that you have your parent's permission to do this.


You might set a dance as a challenge, or to see how many burpees they can do in 30 seconds- the choice is yours! Your video should include details of what to do, how long to do it for, and how many points can be awarded.

Task Two: Geography (Passport around the world)

Last week you completed a booklet all about England.

Over this half term, you have been researching a country (or place) or your own choice. Today your task is to create a booklet in the same style as the England one, about your place. You could include word searches, cross words, riddles, fun facts or anything else that you can think of! You could even sketch a picture to be coloured in.


Make a wordsearch here:

Make a crossword here:



This afternoon you may also like to go outside (or make a bit of room inside) and play some Spanish games! Get the whole family involved.