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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Tuesday means Spanish! Then you will be continuing your exploration of this term's topic 'All Over The World' in Geography. Can you remember the signs for 'Spanish' and 'geography'? Look back at last week's page if not!
For your Spanish lesson today, you will need to use a dictionary. Most computers have a dictionary in 'Word' or similar programs or you can use one online.

Today in geography, we are going to continue to follow the BBC Daily lessons as it fits so well with what your topic would have been in school: The World.


Tuesday 12th May 2020

LI: To understand about sustainability and plastics; how my actions can impact the whole world.

Task 1:  Quiz on link above.


Now choose one, or more, from the following tasks:


Task 2: Plan a presentation (like teaching a lesson to someone) about sustainability.


Task 3: Plastic Challenge! (Visit this website for more or use the documents below).


Task 4: Revisit the BBC Live lesson that we did earlier in the year (when Steve Backshall was with the sharks).