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Task 1 - Phonics 

Using the phonic flash cards, can you revise the sounds?

Start with phase 2 (orange) if you know all the phase 2 try phase 3 (purple)  

Use the jolly phonic song to help you learn them.

Can you remember all the actions?

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Task 2 - Maths

Measure Mission!

Can you find out the answer to these questions?

Who is the tallest person in your house?

Who is the shortest person?

Who has the biggest feet?

Who has the smallest feet?

Who has the longest hair?

Who has the shortest hair? 



Task 3 - PSED


As we aren't leaving the house as often as we used to at the moment, people have been putting colourful pictures on their windows to cheer up passers-by.

Lots of people have being drawing rainbows in the aim to make people smile while they’re walking past, and also offer a message of hope.

Can you make a picture to make people feel happy?