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Thursday 7th May 2020

Welcome to Thursday afternoon's home learning. This afternoon you will be completing two different Computing tasks.


Whilst you have been at home you have not only been revising past topics and learning new information, you have also been improving your digital literacy just by looking at and completing your work on here each day.


"Digital literacy refers to an individual's ability to find, evaluate, and compose clear information through writing and other media on various digital platforms. Digital literacy is evaluated by an individual's grammar, composition, typing skills and ability to produce text, images, audio and designs using technology."


So by accessing the Year 6 Home Learning page you have found and understood the information you need to learn. You have also used a range of platforms and typing when accessing TT Rockstars, Reading Plus and Spelling Shed each day too.


Today's digital literacy task:


Thursday 7th May 2020

LI: To select an appropriate programme, and use a range of Digital Literacy skills, to create a poster

We would like you to choose an appropriate computer programme to create a poster. Your poster should encourage people to stay inside, and safe, during the Covid-19 Pandemic. You should include a catchy slogan, some images and some facts found through briefly researching. The rest is up to you! Show us what you create using @kensingprimary on Twitter and then display your masterpiece in the window for everyone to see!


Computing Task 2:

Thursday 7th May 2020

LI: To apply my knowledge of algorithms and debugging