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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good afternoon Year 6 laugh

Let's start by warming up our brains!

Activity 1:

This took Miss Hesketh a while... (look back at the picture several times and you keep noticing extra details!) Tweet your answers @kensingprimary for a special prize!

Activity 2:

This half term in RE we should have been exploring 'Forgiveness' and The Easter Story.


Tomorrow is the 'last day of school' for two weeks as the Easter holidays begin! That doesn't mean you turn your brains off, but it's time to relax a little more and spend special time with your family. We will still be posting fun activities for you to try (if you want to) and you should still be trying to read every single day!


But.. we're not there yet!

In England, why do we have an Easter holiday? What is Easter all about?


Thursday 2nd April 2020

LI: To revisit and show understanding of The Christian Easter Story


Task 1:

Follow this link to recap the Easter story.


Task 2:

This afternoon we would like you to read the following version of the Easter Story and answer the comprehension questions, there are three levels so challenge yourself appropriately:


Once you have completed it, you can check your answers here:

Think about how the theme of 'forgiveness' links to the Christian Easter story.


The concept of forgiveness can be an overwhelming one and is at times hard to accept. Either because we feel we are unworthy of forgiveness, or because someone has done something big enough that feels too hard to forgive. In school, we come across situations all the time that require apologies and forgiveness... 


A huge part of the Easter story for Christians is the forgiveness Jesus demonstrated to those who put him to death.


Activity 3:

Underneath your reading comprehension questions, write a few bullet pointed notes about links that could be made.


LI: To identify forgiveness within The Easter Story

  • Jesus forgives the people who put him on the cross