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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good afternoon all! This afternoon you are going to do some music and RE. Remember, you can use your afternoons to do some PE and complete the daily challenge if you want to!



Music is really important! It has the power to make us feel lots of different ways. Have you ever felt upset but then heard your favourite song and suddenly you feel slightly better? Or have you ever heard a song that makes you feel sad or scared? Music is so wonderful because it has the power to create a mood and make us feel certain ways.


1. Watch this short clip and think about how changing elements of songs changes the mood.


2. What is your favourite song? How does it make you feel? Do you have a particular song that you listen to when you are feeling sad that cheers you up? (Write some ideas down on your paper).


3. All around the world right now people will be feeling a little bit sad and worried about what is going on. What song would you recommend they listen to in order to lift their mood and help them to maintain a positive mental health? (Write some ideas down on your paper).


4. Dancing and exercise also helps to lift people’s mood! Watch this live video and get involved with the dancing and movement – get everyone in your house involved if you can and have some fun!


5. How do you feel now? Listening to music and having a dance is such a good way to feel positive!


6. Pick your favourite song. Put it on and have a dance! Make it as silly as you like and get everyone in your house involved!


7. On some of your paper, write a quick message that you could text to a friend who is feeling sad. Let them know all about the power of music, how changing elements of a song can change the mood and how songs can make us feel lots of different emotions. Recommend a song for them to listen to and explain why this song makes you feel better when you are sad.




Use the pictures below to retell the Easter story to somebody in your house. Don’t worry if you can’t quite remember! Just tell them the parts that you can remember J