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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good afternoon. This afternoon you will be doing some History and then some Music.



Thursday 23rd April 2020

LI: To explore the history of Benin (map work and timeline)


This half-term you will be exploring The Ancient Kingdom of Benin.

As an introduction to this kingdom you will be looking at the timeline and also using your geographical skills with some map work. This lesson will follow a powerpoint (like we would use in class).


You will need:

  • Map of Africa (if you don't have a printer just sketch the shape- don't worry if it is not perfect)
  • Paper and a pencil or pen

This will give you the information you need and the tasks to complete.

Some useful vocabulary (You might want to print this out or save it on your computer for the rest of the topic)



Thursday 22nd April 2020

LI: To understand pitch, melody and expression in singing


Click on this link and follow through the activities:

You might want to explore what you have learned through some of the songs we sing together in school. Make Your Own Kind of Music has been in Miss Hesketh's head all week- I am sure your families would love to hear you sing!

Paloma Faith - Make Your Own Kind of Music: Lyric Video

Paloma Faith's beautiful version of Make Your Own Kind of Music is now available to stream. Check out our lyric video - made for those who like to sing along...

Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick - True Colors (Lyric)

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