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Thursday 21st May 2020

Stop and check in with yourself- how are you feeling today? Do you feel different this afternoon than you did this morning? Why might that be? Is anything worrying you? Who could you talk to about this?


Now check in with somebody else- this could be someone in your house, a neighbour, or a friend that you  could message. How are they feeling today? Is there anything they would like to talk to you about? Could you brighten their day with a smile and a compliment?


Now begin this afternoon's learning with a simple breathing activity, followed by Computing and RE.

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Thursday 21st May 2020

LI: To understand what makes a good computer game


Follow this link, and click on 21st May- Computing

Activity 1

Create your own video game character

Activity 2

Use your coding skills and learn about code cracking in World War Two



Thursday 21st May 2020

LI: To understand the celebration of Eid


This weekend marks the end of Ramadan: a celebration called Eid Al-Fitr. This will begin in the evening of Saturday 23rd May and end in the evening of Sunday 24th May.


Lots of your families, or your friend's families, will have been practising Ramadan and will enjoy lots of celebrations this weekend. We hope that you have a lovely time! Look at the two powerpoints below to learn a little more about it.

As your RE activity today, there are a range of crafts, activities and cookery that you can choose from (below). You might like to do the wordsearch and crossword now and make the crafts or do some cooking with your family over the weekend or half  term next week. You do not need to be celebrating Eid yourself to take part in these, or to try the delicious foods.