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Officer Buckle and Gloria Read Aloud

True or false?


Can you decide if these statements are true or false? Can you explain why?


  • Officer Buckle gave safety tips at school.
  • Safety tip number 77 is always stand on a swivel chair.
  • Gloria is a police cat.
  • The children listened when Gloria came with Officer Buckle.
  • Gloria barked at the children
  • Officer Buckle expected the children to listen carefully every time he gave a talk.
  • After his speech with Gloria there were lots of accidents.



  • true
  • false - never stand on a swivel chair
  • false - police dog
  • true
  • false- she mad the children laugh
  • false - he was surprised when they listened and then clapped.
  • false - after his speech with Gloria they had no accidents

Can you write a list of the characteristics of Gloria the Police dog. Use the words on the sheet to help you and see if you can think of any of your own.

What do you think of when you hear the word 'obedient'? 

What is a good example of 'obedient'?

Look at the pictures below and choose the ones that show 'obedience'.

Maths - Measurement


  • What can you measure that is 13 cm?
  • Can you find anything that measures the same as 13 pennies?
  • Can you hop for 13 seconds?
  • Can you sit quietly for 13 minutes?
  • What can you do for 13 hours? 

Phonics - Learn to Read | Night Time Stories | Alphablocks

Don't forget to keep trying to see how many sounds you can get in 1 minute.


You can play this game to work out if the words are real or silly.

Draw a shape and see if you can fill it with pebbles or flowers you find on a walk to the park or in your garden.