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Song of the Day 

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

Task of the Day 

For todays task you will need play dough or plasticine, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, lolli ice sticks or any other craft resources you have! 

Today's task is a super finger gym activity! Using playdough helps or fingers and hands grow strong so we can become fantastic writers. 

Can you make some play dough bugs? How many legs will they have? What shape will they be? Will it be long and thin like a worm? Round like a ladybird? What colour will it be? How many eyes will it have? 

Don't forget to take pictures of your creations and email them to

Story of the Week 

Superworm! Read aloud children's book

Questions - 

How do you think Superworm's friends felt when Wizard Lizard took him?
How do you think Superworm felt when he was rescued?
Did you like the story of Superworm?
What is your favourite part of the story?

Task - 
Can you draw your favourite character in the story?