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Song of the Day 

Grand Old Duke Of York

Can you march along to todays song and join in with the actions? See if you can point up or down when they march up and down the hill!

Task of the Day 

Picture 1

Today we are going to write our names! 

You will need - 
A tray
Lentils/rice/shaving foam/sand 
Paper with your name written on it to put underneath your tray 


Task - 
Try your best to copy your name in the tray. Use your finger to write it. 
When you have written it, shake the tray (or if using shaving foam add some more) and try again


Once you have written your name you could try and write numbers to 5 or have a go at drawing some shapes! 

Story of the Week 


I hope you enjoyed our story of the week! 

Questions - 
Did you like the story? 
Why did you like the story?
Or if you didn't, why didn't you like the story?
What was your favourite part of the story?