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Thinking about the characters in our story, how can you describe Red Riding Hood and the Wolf?

Use the sheet below to help you. How many words can you add to both pictures?

Which characters would you like to be? Why?

Can you make a mask of the wolf?

You could use a paper plate or draw a picture of his face and cut it out.

Using the mask to get you into character can you answer theses questions?


  1. Why did you follow Red Riding Hood?
  2. How did you feel when the Woodcutter came in to the cottage?
  3. Would you try to trick anyone again?


Can you think of any other questions you might ask the wolf?


Pretend to be Granny and answer these questions:


  1. How did you feel when you knew Red Riding Hood was coming to visit you?
  2. Do you like living on your own?
  3. What did you think when the wolf knocked on your door?


What other questions would you ask Granny? 

Can you follow the instructions and make some Brownies for Granny?



Today we will look at the sound 



How many words can you make using your cards with the sound 'ow' in them?


Click on the link below to play today's phonics game

Alphablocks Series 3 - How Now Brown Cow



Granny has finally got Red Riding Hood's basket of goodies and she puts them all out on the table.

Can you solve the problems below?

You can draw the items out on paper then cross them off to help you work it out


  1. She puts out a packet of biscuits, there are 20 biscuits in the pack, she eats 5 with her cup of tea, how many are left?
  2. Later she puts out the bag of fruit, there is 2 apples, 2 pears and 2 bananas. She chops up 1 apple and 1 banana for her fruit salad. How many pieces of fruit are left for next time?
  3. It is tea time and she gets the sandwiches out. Red Riding Hood has sent her 8 triangle sandwiches, Granny is hungry and eats 6 of them, how many are left?
  4. Granny loves chocolates so Red Riding Hood sent her some in the basket. She has 3 maltesers, 5 chocolate buttons and 4 caramel bites. What does she have the most of? What does she have the least of? How many more buttons does she have compared to the caramel bites?


Click on the link below to play some more maths games

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